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Why choose Biodiesel?

  • One of the great advantages of biodiesel is that it can be used in existing diesel engines, vehicles and infrastructure with no engine modifications.


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fuelpod® 4

The fuelpod® 4 comes complete with all the market leading features found throughout the fuelpod® range, maintaining the Green Fuels brand hallmarks of quality, safety, reliability and easy of use that you expect from the world’s market leading supplier of biodiesel processors. In addition the fuelpod® 4 provides the added benefits of;

  • bespoke chemical input cartridge.
  • 12 litre dry purification unit with Rohm & Haas Amberlite™ BD10Dry™.
  • Integrated air agitation with methanol vapour collection.
  • external sight tube provides process visibility.
  • new heat pad technology.
  • Integral oil input draw-tube avoids pouring used cooking oil.
  • casters (optional) for ease of movement.

The new heat pad technology is integrated within the stainless steel reactor vessel. It is controlled by a digital temperature display with thermocouple probes that allow precise control and more efficient production of fuel.

With these features the fuelpod® 4 is the first within the fuelpod® range to incorporate a methanol recovery system, extracting methanol vapour during processing and condensing it directly into a storage cartridge to be used for the next batch; a feature normally found only on our larger scale FuelMatic range.







To be internationally renowned, leading producer of advanced high quality biodiesel and supplier of high-tech decentralised biodiesel processing equipment in the region.

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To provide innovative cost-effective high quality products and services

that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. To drive green solutions with passion and ensure good customer services. We are a responsible member of our community seeking ways to improve our environment and enhance our energy independence.

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creating a good working environment with our staff, motivated to serve with pride and smile

building good business relationships with our suppliers, clients and service providers.

community development; and we participate in initiatives that enhance our communities in particular youth

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