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Why choose Biodiesel?

  • One of the great advantages of biodiesel is that it can be used in existing diesel engines, vehicles and infrastructure with no engine modifications.


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What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a safe alternative fuel to replace traditional petroleum diesel. It is produced from renewable sources such as new and used vegetable oils, Sunflower, Palm, Soybean, Moringa, Jatropha and animal fats etc. It has high-lubricity, is a clean-burning fuel and can be a fuel component for use in existing, unmodified diesel engines. This means that no retrofits are necessary when using biodiesel fuel in any diesel powered combustion engine. It is the only alternative fuel that offers such convenience. Biodiesel acts like petroleum diesel, but produces less air pollution, comes from renewable sources, is biodegradable and is safer for the environment. Producing biodiesel fuels can help create local economic revitalization and local environmental benefits. 

Biodiesel Benefits

  • One of the great advantages of biodiesel is that it can be used in existing diesel engines, vehicles and infrastructure with no engine modifications.
  • Biodiesel is a great lubricant and can increase the engine useful life.
  • Biodiesel can be used as a pure fuel in engines or blended with fossil diesel at any ratio because it is a miscible product.
  • Its use as fuel provides environmental benefits for the whole planet, as it helps to reduce pollution and prevent the greenhouse effect.
  • Biodiesel can be blended to any ratio with fossil diesel 

Ultra Low Carbon – 83% CO2 Reduction

Using B100 Biodiesel made from used cooking oil (UCO) in place of red diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 83%* Like any fuels, burning biodiesel releases CO2 into the atmosphere, however with biofuel made from waste products like UCO, the emissions are absorbed by the next cooking oil seed crop. This massive CO2 saving takes into account the whole life cycle of the fuel from the collection process, to refining and final delivery, so CO2 absorbed by the seed crop cancels out the emissions released through using the fuel. This is not the case with fossil fuels, as it would take millions of years to the CO2 to be absorbed again.

Less Polluting

Biodiesel has lower harmful emissions than red diesel and can make a valuable contribution to improving local air quality and reducing carbon emissions, particularly when used at 100%. Compared with red diesel, using B100 Biodiesel at 100% reduces*

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) by 35%
  • Soot & Particulate Matter (PM) by 32%
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx) increases by 10%

Difference between Biodiesel and Diesel 

  • Traditional diesel is produced from mineral crude oil whereas biodiesel comes from a wide array of vegetable oils.
  • Biodiesel is comparable to Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel in power and energy content. It has arisen as an alternative to inorganic diesel as its biodegradable nature makes it a far greener option that produces less pollution.
  • It has transpired as a desirable alternative to mineral diesel and is fast becoming a key player in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Who can use Biodiesel?

  • Vehicles – it can now be used in on-road vehicles and for off road construction, farm machinery, mining and hybrid electric vehicles.
  • Agriculture sprays – because it’s biodegradable and non-toxic it can be used as a carrier for fertiliser and pesticides.
  • Boiler fuel – with the increasing prices of natural gas, biodiesel can be used as an alternative for natural gas, but minor modifications are needed.
  • Lubricating agents/additives – it makes a great lubricity agent/enhancer in marine applications, as well as a lubricity additive due to its low sulphur level.
  • Fuel additive – it can help maintain the pumps, injectors and keep other combustion components clean.
  • Power generation – biodiesel generators provide essential stand-by power during the times of power shortage.

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