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Why choose Biodiesel?

  • One of the great advantages of biodiesel is that it can be used in existing diesel engines, vehicles and infrastructure with no engine modifications.


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The FuelMatic50 is a fully automated, continuous production system capable of producing up to 50,000 litres per day of the highest quality biodiesel. The PLC controlled system monitors the throughput ensuring that downtime is minimised therefore maximising the production.

Some of the key factors of the FuelMaker are :

  • waterless
  • multi-feedstock
  • modular design

The FuelMatic50 is our flagship biodiesel processor incorporating an advanced continuous flow ultrasonic reactor at its core. The system provides fully automated, continuous production of up to 50,000 litres per day of the highest quality biodiesel.

The FuelMatic50  biodiesel processing system uses innovative and robust technology proven in the field. The technology also employs the use of advanced sensors to monitor the complete fuel production process to ensure quality is maintained with flexible feedstocks.

The whole system is delivered as a turnkey project. The customer therefore has just one partner for construction, installation and start-up of the plant, which can be installed within a new or existing building on three interlocking bespoke skids.

The biodiesel system is able to process different cold and hot pressed fresh vegetable oils, as well as pre- treated used vegetable oils and yellow grease. In all cases, if the operator of the plant follows the required qualities of the input materials and ensures a constant process operation, the product quality will comply with the requirements of the European biodiesel standard DIN EN 14214, as well as with other conventional international standards. 

The system requires no water as the final purification is undertaken through AmberliteTM BD10 DRYTM ion exchange resin developed by Rohm & Haas.

key Benefits of our systems

  • High product yields - 1.01 litres biodiesel per litre input oil.
  • Low energy demand - the plant system uses less than 50kWh per ton.
  • Commercial grade fuel - EU EN:14214 & US ASTM-6751 standard.
  • High flexibility - a variety of input oils (feedstocks) can be processed.
  • Minimal waste and no waste water.


FuelMatic bio-refineries can cope with a variety of feedstock oils – from waste cooking oil to different cold and hot pressed fresh vegetable oils, as well as pre-treated used vegetable oils and yellow grease. For all suitable raw materials, a transesterification grade of > 98% and constant product quality will be reached.









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